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Personal Loan Interest Rate

Personal loans are unsecured loans, which means banks and finance companies don’t ask for any collateral for personal loans. Currently, personal loan interest rates are starting at 9.47%. At BankMark, we understand that finding the right personal loan with competitive interest rates is crucial for your peace of mind. We are here to help you!

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Personal loan Interest Rate and Processing Fee...

Banks & NBFCs
Interest Rate
Processing Fees
Axis Bank
Starting From 10.65%
Upto 2%
Up 1.50%
Upto 5%
Upto 2.50%
Bajaj Finserv
Upto Rs. 14,999/
Tata Capital
Upto 5.5%
IIFL Finance
Upto 3.50%
Upto 2%

Lowest Interest Rates

We are committed to ensuring that you not only secure a personal loan but also avail of the best interest rate that perfectly aligns with your financial planning.

Paperless Documentation

Our personal loan application process is designed to be entirely paperless. You can complete the entire loan application from the comfort of your mobile.

Fast Approval

Our streamlined procedures leverage advanced technology and a dedicated team to expedite the approval process without compromising on thoroughness.

Documents Required For Personal Loan

  • KYC documents: PAN card, Aadhaar card, voter ID, Passport, driving license
  • Income Proof: 3 months Salary slips, latest ITR/form-16, 
  • 6 months salary account statement
Frequently Asked Questions

No, personal loan payments aren't usually tax deductible. Think of it like this: the loan helps with personal expenses, not business or tax-advantaged ones. However, exceptions exist! For education, business, or major home improvements, interest might be deductible.

Personal loan can not be transferred from one person to another person but there are some alternate ways to do that. You can transfer loan to another lender and add the new borrower for increase creditworthiness with new terms.

Personal loans interest is higher than home loans because personal loans are unsecured loan. It means that you don't need to mortgage anything to get personal loan.

Both Personal Loan and Instant loan are Unsecured loans. Personal loan rate is usually cheaper than instant loan. Personal loan usually took about 2 to 5 days and instant loan can get within 30 minutes. Personal loan tenure is longer than instant loan.

Yes, if you are having bad credit you can still get personal. In this case your personal loan interest can be higher than usual.

Loan Against Property FAQ
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